Forms to Manage Your Award

Below you will find links to the forms you will need to manage your grant award. You will need Adobe Reader to download the PDF forms.

W-9 Form
Request for Taxpayer Identification Number 

Certification & Affidavit Regarding Illegal Aliens
Proof that you are lawfully present in the United States

Permission to Post
Grants unlimited use to Colorado Creative Industries and the Colorado Tourism Office of any photographs, videotapes, audio recordings, writings, samples of your work or organization’s projects for promotional or editorial use including posting on websites and in agency publications.

Change to Proposal Form
Request approval for a proposal change for any grant award. Please give a detailed explanation of the changes you need to make to your proposed project.

Career Advancement Proof of Matching Funds and Request for Payment
Use this form to document expenses

Career Advancement Final Report
Submit report within 30 days of the completion of your activities. Log back into the CommunityGrants Portal, click on the UPDATE button and you will see Report Icon Report Iconbeside the selected application under Actions header to fill out a Report.  

Colorado Creates - Final Report (FY16 Final Report will be up May 4)

Submit by October 31, 2015. Log back into the CommunityGrants Portal, click on the UPDATE button and you will see Report Icon Report Iconbeside the selected application under Actions header to fill out a Report.

Conditions of Funding

Partnership Final Report

Use this form to report on how you and your organization helped CCI deliver value to the citizens of Colorado through your partnership with the agency.

The above forms are Adobe Acrobat Documents (PDFs) containing form fields. Shaded boxes indicate text fields. You may mark and unmark the check boxes with your mouse. Save the form on your computer, rename it, fill-out the form and print a copy for your records.