Colorado Creative Industries’ program of art exhibitions at the Colorado State Capitol brings rotating art exhibitions to the State Capitol to celebrate Colorado’s creative economy and share it with Coloradans and visitors. Exhibitions tie in with events happening throughout the arts community and showcase artists and cultural organizations from throughout the state.


CO Built exhibition poster


CO:BUILT: A Story of Colorado Collaborations

June – August 2016

A project of Something Independent, CO:BUILT pairs with Colorado creatives in exploring how inventive business partnerships can be the key to unlocking innovation. The images on display offer a unique look at Colorado companies coming together to develop new processes, products and game-changing relationships. Explore and take pause for you just may see a landscape that represents the future of work. It is collaborative, inventive, dignified and sustainable.

Full CO:BUILT galleries can be viewed at:


This CO:BUILT exhibition includes the works of Colorado photographers:

Chris Haugen / Free Lunch Creative

Jack Ludlam / Jack Ludlam Studios

with special thanks to the Colorado Innovation Network