Colorado Creative Industries’ program of art exhibitions at the Colorado State Capitol brings rotating art exhibitions to the State Capitol to celebrate Colorado’s creative economy and share it with Coloradans and visitors. Exhibitions tie in with events happening throughout the arts community and showcase artists and cultural organizations from throughout the state.

 "Honoring the Capitol Dome" exhibition poster


October 2014 – March 2015

Colorado’s State Capitol has been an icon for over 100 years. This exhibition features artworks by Colorado artists and showcase the Colorado State Capitol and its 24-karat dome. By displaying artworks that depict the dome, we celebrate the restoration and unveiling of the re-gilded structure. The exhibition features the artwork of the following Colorado artists:

Heather Arenas
Carole Buschmann
Richard Eisen
Marlene Feinholz
Janine Fugere
Susan Goldstein
Theresa Holst
Jim Lambert
Marilyn Leuszler
Paul Lindberg
Linda Lowry
Gary Michael
Dallas Parkins
Linda Petrie Bunch
Michael Rieger
Stephen Shugart
Evan Siegel
Charles Tunstall
Anna Ursyn
Jesse Van Horne
Josseline Van Nuffel
Jessica Wicken