Colorado Creative Industries’ program of art exhibitions at the Colorado State Capitol brings rotating art exhibitions to the State Capitol to celebrate Colorado’s creative economy and share it with Coloradans and visitors. Exhibitions tie in with events happening throughout the arts community and showcase artists and cultural organizations from throughout the state.


Spotlight on Pueblo exhibition poster


April – June 2016

Colorado Creative Industries is hosting Spotlight on Pueblo, sponsored and managed by Pueblo Arts Alliance. Colorado Creative Industries also partners with Pueblo Arts Alliance to support Pueblo Creative Corridor, a state-certified Creative District. Forty Pueblo artists’ work will be exhibited at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver as part of the show. Daniel Levinson coordinated the exhibition with the goal to include as many of Pueblo’s locally and internationally-exhibiting artists as possible to fill the Capitol walls. This selection only represents a small portion of all the amazing work being made in Pueblo, and showcases the vast range in style, medium, and subject of the work being created by Pueblo artists.

Pueblo artists featured in the show:
Lionel Trujillo; Tom Latka; Rene Pendarvis; Karen Wallace; Joel Carpenter; Ann Yaeger; Radeaux; Lynn Chapman; Virginia Byrd; Ginny Smith; Teresa Vito; Jessica Driscoll; Spiel Speak; Donna Graham; Marilyn Hoisington; Jill Starkey; Jean Latka; Lynn Stenzel; Kathi Drummond; Tunde Darvay; Frances Burns; Kevin Malella; Nathan Solano; Bob Wands; Meghan Wilbar; Jerry Rebillard; Robert Pacheco; Gregory Howell; Holly Walter; Greg Rodriguez; Bob Benvenuto; Fran Dodd; Michael Martinez; Kim Furrh; Josiah Trujillo; Charles Zeis; Michael Archuleta; Kerry Bennett and Daniel Levinson.

About Pueblo Arts Alliance & the Pueblo Creative Corridor:
The Pueblo Arts Alliance is a non-profit organization that exists to provide support to its creative industry membership in the form of (1) collaborating for marketing, performances, and education opportunities, (2) raising awareness in the community as to the availability of local and regional performing arts production and events and (3) promoting the production, enjoyment and collaboration of the arts for the purposes of economic development and an enriched quality of life in Pueblo. The Arts Alliance is the administrator of the Creative Corridor, a Colorado Certified Creative District, which is supported by the Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority, City of Pueblo, Colorado Creative Industries and the Boettcher Foundation. The Creative Corridor is a community-wide partnership focused around the three unique historic city centers of Pueblo: Downtown Main Street, Union Avenue Historic District and the Mesa Junction. The Creative Corridor attracts artists, creative entrepreneurs and visitors to infuse energy, innovation, and economic and civic capital into the community.

About Colorado Creative Industries Creative District Program:
Colorado’s Creative Districts are capitalizing on Colorado's creative assets to grow their local economy and to improve the quality of life for their residents. Colorado’s creative district organizers have become leaders in their communities and have increased awareness of the value of arts, culture and creativity to impact economic vitality. The districts are successful hubs of economic activity by providing a focal point for celebrating and strengthening a community's unique identity and enhancing the area as an appealing place to live, live and do business.