You and me llc

Photo courtesy of Tim Rynders.

Tara Rynders recieved a $2,100 Career Advancment grant from Colorado Creative Industries in 2014.

“YOU & ME” is a community-engaged performance that facilitates interchange between a diverse group of dancers, artists, musicians, chefs and community members through an evening of dance, one on one performances and a shared meal. "YOU & ME" artistic director Tara Rynders, a current Redline Artist in Residence and RN at Rose Medical Center, recently received a Career Advancement grant from CCI to travel to Stolzenhagen, Germany to participate as a project leader at the interdisciplinary performance residency ConVERGE.

During the two week residency Tara collaborated with over 50 artists from all over the world to create “YOU & ME GERMANY.”  Tara states that “this collaborative process has created lifelong relationships and artistic connections that have already opened new opportunities for growth and exchange as an artist and a woman owning my own artistic business.” Click here to see a short film that shows some of the happenings during the residency. To learn more about “YOU & ME” visit Tara’s website at