word cloud for Ridgway, Colo. prospective creative district

The Ridgway Prospective Creative District committee formed shortly after the creative district certifications were announced by the state. Members include artists from various disciplines and town staff members, who provide support to the committee.  The energy in Ridgway resulting from the certification is palpable.

The first major event was Imagination Day, held on a Saturday in Town Park to introduce the creative district to Ridgway and Ouray County residents. The committee set up canvasses on easels and community members were invited to write out ideas they wanted to see implemented in the new creative district. The word cloud image was created from the comments on the canvasses, with the size of the word corresponding to the number of times it was mentioned.

Other methods to express one’s self at Imagination Day included children creating works of art on T-shirts, a laptop where participants entered their ideas and a circle of chairs for small discussion groups. A video production company filmed anyone who wanted to talk about the creative district, what it could be and why Ridgway is a great place for it.

The committee is now focused on a direction for the district and taking advantage of the peer assistance network the state provides along with the grant funds. The community's vision of the Ridgway Prospective Creative District will guide the committee as it works with a contract professional to develop a strategy plan and road map. The committe has also met with Ronna Lee Sharp, the cultural heritage specialist at CCI, to explore ways to incorporate Ridgway’s cultural heritage into the creative district.