Wiley Middleton

CCI Summit Keynote Speakers

Carl Atiya SwansonCarl Atiya Swanson
Springboard for the Arts
Thursday, May 16: Lunch Keynote

Creative People Power
How do we understand the value of an ecosystem? What is the infrastructure that enables system change? How do creativity and community support each other? This keynote will explore Creative People Power, a new report and framework for combining creativity-centered and people-centered development to build strong, healthy, and resilient communities from Springboard for the Arts and Helicon Collaborative.

Brian CorriganBrian Corrigan and Special Guest
OhHeckYeah: An Immersive Street Arcade
Friday, May 17: Breakfast Keynote
Explore Diverse Thinking Game Show—A Discussion on Arts & Environment
The Well-Rounded format gamifies discussion topics to uncover diverse thinking and fresh perspective while making it fun to chat about big and important things! Each session presents a topic for conversation while the game spinners determine which lens will frame the talk. Groups then discuss the topic through the lens for 10 minutes. Expect to uncover new insights, make new friends and have a lot of fun!

Conversation Topic: Arts + Environment // Conversation lenses: Utopia, Dystopia, Ethics, Sustainability, Impact & Policy.