Career Advancement Grant

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What you need to know about Career Advancement Awards that support Colorado creative entrepreneurs and artists.

Reimbursable, matching funds up to $2,500 support Colorado creative entrepreneurs and artists to help stimulate their commercial creative business. The goal is that awardees will achieve tangible business benefits such as increased revenue, new audiences or improved management practices.



CCI is currently revisiting the Career Advancement guidelines and timeline. Please sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive updated information on this program.

Award Amount
$500 - $2,500
Eligibility Snapshot
  • Colorado resident, 18 years or older
  • Individual artist/creative entrepreneur OR Creative sector business (commercial or for-profit only)
  • Eligible applicants have not received funding from CCI within 12 months from application deadline.

Community Partners

Bohemian Foundation logo


Additional funding for musicians and music-based businesses provided by Bohemian Foundation in continued support and implementation of the Colorado Music Strategy.



illegal Pete's Colorado logo Additional support provided by Illegal Pete’s who are committed to supporting Colorado’s artist community! As their Greater Than Collective label transitions, Illegal Pete’s will be supporting CCI’s Career Advancement Grant.

Case Study


"We look forward to continuing to help expand and grow Colorado's music industry."
—Emily Satterlee, CEO, ItyDity

Emily Satterlee is an exemplary Colorado creative based in the Fort Collins Creative District. Not only is Emily an active entrepreneur in a Colorado Certified Creative District, she received a Colorado Creative Industries (CCI) competitive Career Advancement Award in the Fall of 2017. Through that award, Emily expanded the marketing materials for her music company, ItyDity.

“The Colorado Creative Industries Career Advancement Award really helped make this possible. We look forward to continuing to help expand and grow Colorado’s music industry. It is our mission to help raise the state’s profile both nationally and internationally through our online music marketplace.”—Emily Satterlee, CEO, ItyDity

According to their website, “ItyDity is a team of artists, producers, instrumentalists, pro audio experts, industry and songwriting professionals who have made it their mission to provide up-and-coming artists with a sure-fire way to get the best possible production added to their songs.” ItyDity connects producers to songwriters through their user-friendly online platform. With the CCI Career Advancement Award, Emily was able to hire and work with multiple media persons and teams to create seven high quality promotional and feature videos for her company.